Transformative learning goes beyond the boundaries of just learning the material.  It is a reflective process that will show you “HOW” you learn.  Transformative learning is a learned process.  As an active learning member of society, we need to step back and reflect on the process of how we have learned the material.  As the short video says, “There has to be questions”.

As an educator, you need to give your students different modes in which to reflect.  Allow them to journal about their learning process.  Have them create a blog about your class.  Give them the opportunity to provide feedback about different lessons.  Ask them the questions like:

Did you learn? How did you learn best?  What is the best mode to reach you?

In an online learning environment this can be achieved easier because you have the mode already in place to do this.  In a traditional face to face classroom, this can be more difficult, but with a creative mind, I think we can achieve this.